Transmedia Storytelling Systems in Publishing

With Focus on Fantasy Franchises

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Lizenz:Der Text dieses Werks ist unter der Creative-Commons-Lizenz CC BY 4.0 International veröffentlicht.
Autor:Phillip Jacob
Grad-verleihende Institution:HTWK Leipzig, Fakultät Informatik und Medien

This master thesis provides an extensive definition of transmedia storytelling systems and the fantasy genre, besides a short overview of publishing management, technology and marketing. The focus of this master thesis is the practical relevance of transmedia storytelling systems for fantasy franchises, such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. This thesis results in the perceptions that potential costumers indeed consume storylines across different media types. Most of them only through media types with a low degree of participation. A smaller but significant amount of the costumer consumes media types with a high degree participation. These results are findings from a survey of more than 600 consumers surveyed of selected fantasy franchises.